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Nightlife in Prague

What do you do when over this beautifully preserved gem of central Europe the sun goes down? Let yourself be inspired by the some best tips Prague nightlife for you.


Prague is a very interesting city with many cultural attractions to scan and many cultural events. But what do you do when over this beautifully preserved gem of central Europe the sun goes down? Begins the night life in Prague and Prague becomes another city full of creeping shadows in the dimly lit streets, bats circling overhead and a clear sense of crazy fun nightlife. In Prague you will find not only traditional pub with accordion or elegant modern dance clubs, but also a place where it really live in Prague until sunrise. Charles Bridge looks best at dawn and do not hesitate to visit it. Prague nightlife is also an interesting mix of generations - if going to some traditional pub or tavern, do not be surprised when he sits down to you that some ancestor of Bohemia and you drunk drunk, which is sure to happen. And why nezavršit night full of adventure Fried cheese in a bun from the stand? It's Prague nightlife.


In Prague you will find a lot of nightclubs that seeks to provide services not only abandoned the lords, but also large groups that celebrate bachelor party. The most popular and most popular night clubs in Prague include a nightclub Ariadne, where your Prague nightlife turns into the most exciting experience of your entire nightlife in prague. So if you will not remember, but which would certainly be a mistake. In a nightclub Ariadne waiting for you only surnames hibda and atmosphere, but also beautiful, young and horny girls who drive away any boredom and if you say goodbye to freedom is the best choice because club has rozhlehlé so even larger groups may not afraid that would not fit into a nightclub. Do not hesitate and visit our Prague night club Ariadne.

Dance clubs

Visiting clubs in Prague is a big hit in Prague at night. There is a really good clubs where you can dance all night to house, techno or other styles of dance music is popular dance music at night in Prague. Proper indie clubs that you may know from Britain, but look here. If you fancy a night in the style of the 80s years, you'll find a few good companies where you can wear leggings with zebra pattern, paint the eyes blue shadows and comb your hair in great style. Look at the dance clubs in Prague, which we recommend below. All are presented with a brief text, photos and contact information. Dance till dawn and enjoy a night of club music in Prague!

Casinos in Prague

Do you long for great entertainment night at Prague? In that case, be sure to visit one of Prague's Casino, where at night it really lives! The casino will encounter in various parts of Prague, but the real Prague "Las Vegas" is the famous Wenceslas Square, forever associated with many major events in Czech history. Casinos in Prague is rapidly gaining popularity among locals and tourists, because everyone likes spends a wild night of roulette spin in one of Prague's Casino luxury, especially when it dawns on him hope of a fairytale win and get rich quick.

Pub and small pub in Prague

If Czechs excel in something, it's drinking beer. Which is understandable, considering that consume the most beer per person for the whole world. Prague is full of traditional pubs and beer, and therefore lots of frothy liquid gold beer as some say, at very reasonable prices. Beer of the Czech lands have a long and rich history; Brno beer is brewed from 12 century. Beer golden color, which became a sensation virtually overnight. Trains to Austria pilsner set off every morning, and in 1874 began to export to Paris and to America. There are so many pubs and beer halls to choose from that you will not be disappointed. On the contrary, you will surely be satisfied and maybe even a little přiopiti. Cheers!

Wineries and wine shop in Prague

Prague Looking for a romantic wine bar or wine cellar? Check out our extensive range of wine bars in Prague, which includes those nejelpší of the best in town. The Czech Republic has an extensive wine region, especially in South Moravia. Moravian town of Mikulov, Pavlovice and other produce wine from grape varieties Pinot Noir, St. Laurent also internationally cultivated varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, while lying northerly Czech wine region focuses on Pinot Gris, Müller-Thurgau and Traminer. Although Czech wine has long been disregarded as unworthy, its popularity is growing in the capital city there are many cozy wine bars, which in pleasant romantic cellars offer excellent local wines. Wineries in Prague have become so popular in fact that it was not uncommon to hear month after month the newly opened business.

Cocktail bar

Caipirinha, Mojito, Tequilla Sunrise, Captain Morgan ... who likes sweet intoxication in the form of cocktails, but too ignorant in Prague bars, that is correct. We present an overview of the best cocktails in town! Top tips from local experts for all who are looking for superior quality. And we also know what you are really good prices!

Nightlife in Prague

Everything is possible - find everything you desire in our vibrant metropolis.
Good beer? Sure! Beautiful girls? Of course! Closing time? Wrong - at least in some cases, your suit!
Many bars open until two o'clock in the morning, sometimes until four, discos and clubs in six, and some nonstop.
What you need to know? In some luxury clubs there are strict rules of etiquette - at least in terms of clothing. It seems that the effort is paying off, look at the many creations is unforgettable! "Do not hesitate and nightlife in Prague Taste fullest.

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vstup do klubu
Je mi 18 let

I am 18 years old

Ich bin 18 Jahre alt


Ho 18 anni

Je suis âgé de 18 ans

  • 2013-03-01
    Russian language version of the website nightclub Ariadne.

    We have prepared the Russian language version of the Ariadne night club website and we also invite you to visit our night club Ariadne, which is at the corner with the Charles Square (Karlovo namesti).

  • 2013-02-20
    Parking in Prague center is from 20pm FREE.

    At Ariadne club is free parking at night hours between 20 pm untill 08 am - The parking is free alonside the whole length of upper side of Karlovo Namesti (Charles Square) between Novomestska radnice (New Town Hall) and Karlova nemocnice (Charles hospital) - it is length of 500 m for approx. 160 cars. The location map is enclosed. Map click here..

  • 2013-02-19
    Entry is FREE or for 200, - CZK

    Entry is FREE to our club and girls offer show option where all will display dance and some topless numbers for only 200, - CZK inclusive of free welcome drink beer or cola.

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